Fun Things to Do Spontaneous

  • Fill your tank with gas - drive till it's half gone and come back
  • Go for a car ride and ask people what direction you should travel and see where it takes you
  • Go to the Library cookbook section and randomly pick out a book and set out to make recipe number 33 no matter what it is. (Okay if it's something repulsive pick #35)
  • Go to the Yellow Pages and pick the seventh restaurant - eat the seventh entree and order the seventh dessert
  • Kiss someone you really like who doesn't know it yet
  • Let your waiter order for you at the restaurant
  • Randomly choose a hairstylist from your yellow pages, go to them and give them COMPLETE freedom to do whatever they want to you.
  • Send anonymous secret admirer notes to someone
  • Surprise a friend that you haven't seen in along time
  • Take a bus to a small town just to spend a few hours exploring
  • Wake up in the morning take a picnic lunch get in your car and see where the day takes you
  • Write in your journal and just write down whatever comes out of your head

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