Fun Things to Do at Home

  • Build a tree house
  • "Borrow" an ugly ornament from your neighbor's yard - see how long it takes them to notice
  • Buiild a home for you gerbil or small pet
  • Clean the yard with that awful sweater your aunt gave you for Christmas.
  • Dress up on a Saturday and go to Open Houses and act like you have the money to buy the place. Fabulous for decorating ideas too. Bonus points in a wealthy neighborhood
  • Get all the grandchildren to perform a skit at a family gathering
  • Get some pink flamingos for your lawn
  • Have a back yard talent show
  • Host a yard sale
  • Make a slip and slide in your back yard
  • Make an entertaining phone answering-machine message
  • Make the phone solicitors hang up on you
  • Paint your hardwood floors like a gym floor
  • Plant some tulips or any kind of plants
  • Put a pond in your yard - with fish
  • Put a rock-climbing wall in your house
  • Put a water slide out your bed room window
  • Put strings of lights on your houseplants.
  • Set up the tent in the backyard
  • Sing in the shower with all your might
  • Throw a party
  • Tie ribbons to anything that doesn't move.
  • Use window markers and draw rainbows on your windows.
  • Wash the Dog

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