Dangerous **Absolutely not Recommended**

  • Break stuff
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Cause a power failure
  • Throw a tomato into a fan
  • Play hopscotch...with real scotch
  • Climb skinny tress as high as you can
  • Cook Popcorn with the lid off
  • Descend a hill on a skateboard and a cushion from your couch, make sure to hit the water drains on the side and see who gets the most hurt
  • Dodge barbed-wire fences at night.
  • Figure out how to defy gravity
  • Find a willing person - saran wrap from the neck down - then duct tape them - see how long it takes for them to get out
  • Find trees that are close together and jump from tree to tree
  • Fry bacon when you are naked
  • Get your riding lawn mower and do donuts on a icy road
  • Go bush jumping! I t's great fun but watch out for thorns
  • Hop a train - even for just a few blocks
  • Jump off a very high bridge into the river below.
  • Make a slide down the stairs using mattresses, laundry baskets or inside a sleeping bag

Just because you are paranoid,
it doesn't mean they're not after you.

Kurt Cobain

  • Make up your own Jackass stunts
  • Parallel down your, or a friends apartment complex
  • Play with fireworks like you're not supposed to. Hold the rockets and shoot them at each other. Wear safety gear if you fear the imminent injury. I t's best to play this game, at night, in an empty parking garage, away from combustibles Jump off the roof with an umbrella or homemade parachute
  • Play with matches
  • Put a blanket in a laundry basket and slide down the stairs. I f you don't have stairs, go to a library or someplace where there are stairs.
  • Ride a skateboard while attached to the back of someone's car with a rope. Drive slow and wear a helmet
  • Run down the steepest hill you can find, without tripping over you own legs, and see if you can stop at the bottom.
  • Shopping Cart Races
  • Sleep on the edge of the highest thing you can find
  • Sneak around on a neighbor's property and try not to be seen
  • Stand on a corner and try to hitchhike home
  • Take a baseball bat to your alarm clock
  • Take a nap in a stranger's hammock

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