Fun Things to Do - Photography & Video


  • Make a small photo album to give to your friends or relatives
  • Make fridge magnets with your photos
  • Pick a few photos and make a calendar for your family and friends
  • Pick some of your favorite photos, get them enlarged, framed and then hang them on the wall
  • Scan photos of people and blow them up bigger. Print them then invite those people over to watch you and help you throw darts at the pictures stuck on trees.
  • Shoot a whole roll of film in one day
  • Take some fun photos and email them to someone that lives far away
  • Turn all your loose photos into a photo album


  • Make a documentary video
  • Make a lip sync video
  • Make a news show about your family (be the reporter)
  • Make fake commercials
  • Make a day in the life video
  • Make a video about your life and send it your friend (Make sure they have the same format for playback - different countries use different formats but you can get usually get the format changed at a video place)
  • Do a fun activity and make a fun report about it

Photo Assignments
With the onslaught of digital cameras you can now and shoot a couple hundred of pictures in a day without spending a dime. Digital photography is a great way to entertain yourself and improve your photography skills quickly.

  • Action shots
  • Be the paparazzi on a member of your family or a friend
  • Beautiful males or females (whatever you are into)
  • Candid shots (Just keep shooting till you get a good one)
  • Discover your own backyard
  • Dress up
  • Friends making funny faces
  • Funny signs
  • Get out your camera and take pictures of anything that makes you smile.
  • Great body parts
  • Happy faces
  • Have your photo taken with as many strangers as you can possibly befriend in one night
  • Pets in funny hats, glasses or whatever
  • Pictures of the people you don't have pictures of
  • Reflections
  • Silly poses
  • Sunrises and sunsets
  • Take a couch (Or any other inanimate object) and have strangers or your friends at all kinds of stores and landscapes
  • Tourist in your own town get as many pictures of you by the tourist attractions in your town

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